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One of the best speakers at Baltic For Events 2018, the biggest forum for event professionals. Her presentation was very inspiring. It was very emotional, fun and deep at the same time.

Mary Kirillova, General manager at

“Thank you Pauliina for an excellent, interactive & insightful session providing practical  strategies & tools to aid confidence in the workplace & beyond.  The time zipped by!  The presentation was particularly  timely & relatable during these uncertain times.” 

London Women’s Forum (June 2020)

Boost your confidence: What’s blocking you?

One of the biggest problem blocking career advancement, especially among women, is the lack of confidence and self-belief.

 It makes us feel stuck, frustrated and anxious. It stops us speaking up in meetings, asking for that promotion and even applying for the role we’re dreaming of.

We’re afraid of being criticised and judged, always feeling like we need to prove ourselves and worrying if our workmates “like us”.

We turn down opportunities, because we’re afraid we couldn’t live up to sky high expectations or that other people would think less of us if we followed our heart.

Yet even if we’re selected to projects or get that promotion, we feel like it wasn’t because we’re the best, but because of pity or they “needed to fill up a quota.”

Practical and interactive session tailored to the new normal to help you to increase your confidence

To take your career to the next level, talent and knowledge is not enough. You need to have confidence to speak in social situations, convince senior management and present in front of an audience.

Boost your confidence: What’s blocking you?

In this very practical, personalised and engaging virtual or in-person session your attendees will:

  • Know what the most common fears causing anxiety and lack of confidence are
  • Understand what is really blocking them PERSONALLY to get to the next level
  • How to develop more clarity on what they want to achieve
  • Five practical methods to overcome these fears
  • Three simple, actionable steps to implement straight away in the workplace

This session is tailored also to virtual world. My style is authentic, funny and real. I use a lot of storytelling to put ideas in context and the format is interactive to help attendees to apply the advice in their own life. They will leave feeling positive, empowered and inspired to put what they learned in practice.

We are not born with confidence – it’s built step by step. I’m a living proof: an anxious and bullied small-town girl became an International speaker and B2B Marketing Magazine’s Top 10 list of women making the biggest impact in tech in 2019!

Here’s how I’ve made a difference : Read and watch event organiser testimonials>

I’m passionate about diversity, inclusion and helping people to adapt to the new normal. My way of making a difference is by inspiring people to become the best, more confident version of themselves through coaching and practical, interactive sessions on increasing confidence, digital working & digital mindset, tailored to the new normal. If you’d like me to speak or run a workshop in your event or company, contact me on LinkedIn or contact form below.

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About the speaker

I’m in B2B Marketing Magazine’s list of top 10 women making biggest impact in tech in 2019.

Having developed a method to overcome my social anxiety and fear of public speaking, my story from a bullied small-town girl from Finland to an International speaker and global manager at Siemens has been inspiring people around the world.

I’m teaching virtually disruptive strategy in digital marketing as a Head Tutor in University of Oxford. I’m a chairwoman, keynote speaker, moderator and panellist in International conferences across 3 continents and over 15 different countries incl. events such as Women in Strategy in New York, Women in Shipping in Manila and Women in IT Europe Summit in Berlin.

I’ve also spoken at Google HQ in London plus ran a workshops for L’Occitane and other blue chip companies.

My presentation style is authentic and FUN. I’m also a stand up comedian and I’ve been featured in various media interviews, podcasts and documentaries, such as Millenial disruption with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Media Interviews and speaking videos:

At Google HQ in September 2019
Interview in Sales & Marketing conference in Bucharest
Interview in Baltic for Events forum
Interview on collaboration for Management Today magazine

Here’s how I’ve made a difference : Read and watch event organiser testimonials>