Everyone deserves to be happy

Everyone deserves to be happy. I want people to see how amazing they really are.
I believe that there are no “lost cases”, just people who haven’t had anyone believing in them, holding them accountable and bringing the best out of them, as an individual and a team member.

There’s nothing a happy, appreciated person with purpose and confidence can’t do.

They just need a chance to see how amazing they really are.

Now that we’re going back to the (virtual) office in 2021, look around with kindness and understanding.

Without judgement and criticism.

What do your colleagues or team members do well?

Instead of complaining that they’re too anal, thank them for being so great with details.

Instead of complaining that they “always” miss the deadline, thank them profusely when they do something on time, even if it was only joining the meeting.

If they did something well, say thank you.

All these small acts for kindness add up and in no time you will see that they will blossom and so will you.

See, when you appreciate other people, they start appreciating you.

Let’s spread the happiness together this year.

For everyone deserves to be happy, including you.

Stay amazing x

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