Success leaves breadcrumbs, but learning from failures takes your career to the whole next level. I was tired of seeing only images of perfection and success in my social feeds everyday and feeling like everyone else’s lives were better than mine. That’s why in a moment of madness I set myself a challenge to share my personal failures so you can avoid making same mistakes I did.


Yeah, it might be one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever had!

Yet I haven’t got this far by playing it safe.

We learn from failures much more than best practises

We’re suppose to “celebrate” failure culture, but sharing our personal mistakes is still a tabu – when I launched this challenge people thought I was crazy and making myself look weak.

Ah the amount of personal posts telling me I was doing a career suicide!

Yet in fact it’s the contrary – being openly vulnerable actually shows how strong you are. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect and this makes the the stories far more relatable than sugar-coated self-promo posts we see around social media every single day.

We learn much more from mistakes than best practices and it’s our responsibility to share this with the world.

I genuinely hope you get value out of my stories and it’ll help you to succeed in your life and career 🙂

I’m passionate about diversity, inclusion and helping people to adapt to the new normal. My way of making a difference is by inspiring people to become the best, more confident version of themselves through coaching and practical, interactive sessions on increasing confidence, digital working & digital mindset, tailored to the new normal.

 Let’s make a difference together x


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About Pauliina Jamsa:

In the B2B Marketing Magazine’s Top 10 list of women making the biggest impact in tech in 2019. Pauliina Jamsa is an engaging keynote speaker, life coach and responsible at Siemens for global enablement across 120 different countries by providing digital advice and workshops, leading agile projects and encouraging a fail-safe culture.

Her journey from a shy, bullied small town girl to a global manager speaking 7 languages and living across the world is inspiring people around the world to look at things from different perspective and take action to make a change.

Aside from female-only events, Pauliina believes that for a real impact, it’s essential to put female voices into male-dominated events. Overcoming her fear of public speaking, she is a chairwoman, keynote speaker, panellist, moderator and a judge in various conferences in 15 different countries.

She’s a storyteller that leaves the attendees inspired and motivated to look beyond the technology: it’s all about people.

If you would like to hire her as a speaker or a coach, please get in touch.